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Week Beginning: Monday 29th August
This week, you will look at the history of Werribee and how the land has changed over time. You will also look at the effects of deforestation around the world.


Historic Werribee
Werribee - A Brief History
History of Werribee

Werribee History (This web site contains a Flash animation, so I've copied the information below.)
A Brief History of Werribee The original aboriginal inhabitants had a name for the river that flowed through the plains of 'Imaroo', it was 'Werribee', meaning spine or backbone. On the 19th Dcember 1824 Hume and Hovell, who were experienced pastoralists, camped in the Werribee area and upon return to Sydney presented a glowing report of the country they had explored. In July 1835 John Helder Wedge, the ex-Government surveyor of Van Diemens Land, crossed Bass Strait to make a detailed survey of land that John Batman had acquired. He divided the huge area into 17 Lots, five of these being the Werribee area. Due to a reliable water supply from the river, and an overnight stop being required for the trip between the developing cities of Melbourne and Geelong, a small village soon developed and became known as Werribee. In the late 1840's Thomas Chirnside moved to the Werribee area and later built the Mansion at Werribee Park. In 1848 a site near the present Hoppers Crossing Railway Station was chosen to be the starting point of the first accurate surveying of the whole of Victoria. From these early beginnings, Werribee and the Shire of Wyndham has since developed, now boasting thriving farming, industrial, technological and educational precincts and a population in excess of 220,000.

Week Beginning: Monday 27th June
This week, you will continue to explore Deforestation.

TASK: Explore the sites below to identify at least 10 facts about Deforestation. Feel free to explore other sites too. Present your facts in an interesting way! WOW me!!! :)













Week Beginning: Monday 20th June
This week, you will continue to explore Deforestation.

Locate 10 images that you think relate to Deforestation. Create a little presentation including these. Maybe include some text? voice recording? music?

Now choose one of these images to explore further. What caused this scene? Why do you think this? How does this relate to deforestation? Expand on your thoughts like our class 'Cause & Effect Wheel'.

Week Beginning: Monday 14th February
This week, you will be looking more closely at identity and what makes you YOU!

Please download the following task - Developmental Timeline:

Week Beginning: Monday 14th February
This week, you will be setting learning goals. Have a think about what you are good at with your learning and what you still need to work on.