Dream Believe InspireiPlay
Week Beginning: Monday 2nd May
I know how much you *love* to play games on your iPads. I must admit I've become quite addicted to Angry Birds :)


During iPlay, I'd like you to play a non-violent game / app for around 20-30 minutes. I'd like you to take screen shots of your game / app and think about the strategies you use to score points, pass each level, etc... I'd then like you to create a presentation for me outlining the following:
  • Name of game / app
  • Purpose of game / app
  • Strategies required to score points, pass each level, etc...
  • Important information future players of this game / app need
  • Hidden features
  • Why do you like playing this game / app? (At least 5 sentences.)
  • What improvements can be made? Why?