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Week Beginning: Monday 5th September
Wow! Read the following article: Pictures: 18th-Century Ship Found Under 9/11 Site

Week Beginning: Monday 29th August
Wow! Read the following article: Amazon Expedition Discovers New Monkey

Week Beginning: Monday 18th July
Check out the image below showing the tallest mountain to the deepest ocean trench. Research further some of the things included in this image. Also see if you can find an online measurement converter to convert feet into metres.

Explore more fascinating facts at http://www.ouramazingplanet.com/.


(Image taken from http://www.ouramazingplanet.com/infographic-tallest-mountain-to-deepest-ocean-trench-0249/)

Week Beginning: Monday 20th June
Have a look at this blog post... AMAZING, yet also creepy! How do you think the creator came up with the idea? Explain what you think people walking by thought?

Week Beginning: Monday 21st February
This week, you will continue to explore some of the Science concepts listed last week.

  • You need to explore at least three Science related concepts. They can be listed on the "Science is..." poster or they can be concepts you would like to explore further.
  • Either in your 'Writing' book or on your iPad, write at least 3 sentences about each concept, in your own words. Please also include the web address/es you visited to discover the information.